There are five key services within the SMARTHELP offering. They are available as individually or can be combined to form a package that is tailored specifically around your requirements. Click on each product to find out more.

  1. First emergency response:

    International SOS will coordinate the dispatch of an emergency medical response team to the scene of the emergency where, if required, appropriate lifesaving support will be provided to the subscriber.

  2. Medical transportation:

    In the event of the subscriber’s involvement in a medical emergency, International SOS will arrange and coordinate the most appropriate method of emergency medical transportation. The subscriber will be transported to the nearest medical facility capable of providing adequate care. This includes both road and air ambulance (dependant on incident and correct flight criteria).

  3. Medical transportation cash benefit:

    Where the subscriber has been involved in a medical emergency, and the helicopter evacuation benefit has been used, he/she will receive a further R40,000 cash payment. Where any additional family members are transported by helicopter at the same time, and are also covered under the main subscriber’s policy, further cash payments will be due up to a maximum level.

The International SOS medical personnel are available 24 hours a day to provide general medical information and advice. This is an advisory service only, as a telephonic conversation does not permit an accurate diagnosis. In addition to the general medical advice service, one call to the same number will trigger the International SOS medical operators who will guide the subscriber through a medical crisis situation, provide emergency advice, and organize for them to receive the support they need.

This program includes referrals to crisis lines in case of:

  • Family and Domestic Abuse;
  • Rape;
  • Trauma;
  • Child Abuse;
  • Bereavement;
  • HIV;
  • Suicide Hotline - Life Line;
  • Poison Hotline – In House

Telephonic Advice on:

  • Prescription medication
  • Contraindication of medicines
  • Fevers
  • Blurred Vision
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Stomach Aches
  • Antibiotics
  • Dangers of taking expired medication
  • Treatment of abrasions
  • Telephonic CPR
  • Ear aches
  • Allergies
  • Women’s/Men’s Health
  • Supplements
  • Cramps
  • Referrals to closest medical facilities
  • GPs within the subscribers area
  • Closest Medical Transport
  • Health Specialists
  1. Accident towing:

    Should the vehicle be involved in a motor vehicle accident, International SOS will, upon request, arrange for and manage the towing of the vehicle to the nearest approved panel of repairers or safe yard.

  2. Flat battery:

    International SOS will arrange to have the vehicle started where possible.

  3. Key locked in vehicle:

    In an instance where keys have been locked in a vehicle, International SOS will arrange for a locksmith to open the vehicle and retrieve the keys.

  4. Flat tyre:

    International SOS will arrange to have the spare tyre put onto the vehicle.

  5. Mechanical & Electrical Tow-In:

    Where the cause of the problem is a mechanical or electrical break down, International SOS will arrange for the vehicle to be towed to the nearest approved dealer or competent repairer.

  6. Minor Roadside Repairs:

    Assistance can be provided at the roadside where the subscriber has encountered a problem that requires a minor repair.

  7. Run out of fuel:

    International SOS will arrange for fuel to be delivered to the subscriber but the cost of the fuel as well as the delivery will be for the subscriber’s own account.

  8. Extended Benefits:
    • Courtesy Transport - if the vehicle needs to be towed to a repairer, International SOS will arrange for the occupants to be transported to their respective destinations.
    • Vehicle Recovery/ Repatriation - in an incident where a problem has occurred at a distance greater than 100km from your normal place of residence, and which requires you to leave your vehicle for repair, International SOS will arrange and pay toward the cost of collecting the vehicle, and returning it to you. The maximum amount that will be paid by International SOS will be specified in your benefit. The payment does not apply should you opt to collect the vehicle yourself.
    • Hotel Accommodation – if it results in an overnight delay, International SOS will arrange hotel accommodation for the occupants of the vehicle at one of our selected providers in the area.
  1. Drivers have cell phones with them at all times, as well as GPS units and up to date maps;
  2. Service centres are located in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, George, Port Elizabeth, Durban, East London, Nelspruit, Bloemfontein, Kimberley and Polokwane;
  3. Booking times are up until 20:00 on the same day of service. Exceptions can be made based on availability of staff and the time required;
  4. Additional passenger limit of four per subscriber at additional cost of R50 per person. Trips must not exceed 30km;
  5. Home drive is limited to a radius of 30km per trip and this policy provides 4 trips per year. Should additional km’s be required, R9 per km will be charged;
  6. Should the subscriber require more than 4 trips this will be an additional charge for his/her own account;
  7. Should the subscriber cancel with less than 2 hours’ notice, up to R320 can be charged.
  • Cell phone panic button:

    The subscriber will receive a welcome SMS, which will highlight the benefits and will indicate how to save this as a speed dial.

  • Emergency trigger:

    The call centre responds to any emergency situation by deploying the appropriate service providers, which may include police, the appropriate ambulance service, roadside assistance, or, where the subscriber has specified that they have private services (such as a private security company), these will also be deployed.

  • 90 Second Response Time:
    1. The call centre calls the subscriber within 90 seconds of International SOS system receiving the panic;
    2. If there is no answer on the phone that generated the panic, the call centre calls the subscriber back 3 times at 60 second intervals;
    3. In the event that in the fourth call there is no response, the call centre protocol is:
      • Leave a voice message on the fourth call;
      • In addition, send an SMS to the subscriber’s phone which includes a message that says we have responded to your message and called 4 times;
      • International SOS provides an alternative number that the subscriber can use to phone the call centre;
      • We invite the client to panic again (which starts the entire process off again);
      • In the meantime, International SOS will then contact next-of-kin or contact people if provided by the subscriber, to establish whether they know where the member is or was heading to;
      • With the help of these contacts, International SOS will continue to assist the subscriber until the situation has been resolved and the case closed;
      • Please note this service does not yet apply to Cell C users.
  • In the event that a subscriber panics and makes it clear in the conversation with the call centre that they need assistance, not for themselves but either for a friend or family member or a member of the public, who is with them (but is not entitled to services), the
  • call centre will undertake to arrange for appropriate emergency services to be deployed. In the event that any of these require payment, they will be for the account of the user.
  • 4. Emergency management /crisis control:

    The call centre acts as contact point and will assist in the provision of care to the subscriber. With permission of the subscriber, the call centre will contact a family member, colleague or friend to assist in the process where this is considered use.

    1. Location tracking:

      At the time of receiving this alert in our alarm centre, all the member’s location details would have been populated into our case management system which will better assist our agents to send the necessary help to the subscriber.

    2. 24/7/365- Nationwide:

      SOS Panic will be there to assist you 24/7/365 no matter where the subscriber is. In any form of emergency where the subscriber is unable to contact us telephonically, by pressing the SOS Panic button on their cell phone, our emergency alarm centre will contact the policy holder back to assess their needs.